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8) The EVE script mining team seems to be too slow, it will take more than a month to see the effect

"On January 31, 2018, Xunlei officially closed the transfer function of the domestic version of Lianke Pocket. This announced that Wankeyun will continue to develop under the supervision of relevant domestic departments. However, it is very funny to think about it. Can't transfer money? I can only say that Xunlei's luck is not good. If the state did not take supervision last year, the current price of LinkToken should go up.

The weekend was abandoned for two days, because some things made it so unpleasant, I couldn't sit down and look at the information and make a resume. My psychological quality is a little bit worse. I have reached this age, and I understand the great principles better than anyone else. If I want, I can also use some techniques to beautify the great principles beautifully, just like it is written in a book. However, the truth can only be experienced by oneself, and cannot be conveyed through preaching. The problem with reason is that it is too empty. When you don't know what stage the other party is currently at and what problems are being encountered, it is best not to reason. There is no point in preaching except to satisfy one's own superiority.

Restaurant marketing should pay attention to setting up special dishes and main dishes. The design of special dishes and main dishes can attract customers' attention. The main dishes should be priced low but profitable. If you blindly pursue low prices to attract customers, even if there is traffic, the restaurant will have difficulty In the long-term development, in addition, the main dishes should also pay attention to the taste. The restaurant can also make the main dishes a must-order dish in the store, so that more people will taste it and fall in love with it. Restaurants can also set up special dishes to sell at cost or low prices, and set up a display board at the store entrance to recommend special dishes or discount dishes to attract passersby.

Fourth, the short-time frequency platform. The short video platform has been an outlet for the past two years, and it is also a huge traffic pool. Then, this part of the traffic is naturally not to be missed. The easiest way is to produce related texts such as prenatal education, prenatal education, and parenting experience. For image-type videos, accurate users will inevitably settle on the official account.

At that time, Google did not acquire DeepMind. Microsoft, unable to find a new direction, just forced Ballmer away; Baidu made the largest acquisition in the company’s history in order to compete for mobile traffic portals, and Tencent is preparing to challenge Alipay through WeChat Pay . None of these Internet giants have become advocates of artificial intelligence as they are today.

Maybe everyone is very concerned about a topic, so many occupations, can you come here busy? Yes, I am actually very busy every day, and I am in a very busy state every day, so I rarely get in this group , To communicate and learn from everyone.

The most technical problem that needs to be solved is that customers automatically place orders and automatically complete transactions. Either there is a complete set of procedures to automatically call, or open source and free sharing. Obviously the former is more likely, but even so, through Taobao Or other Witkey platforms, just find someone to develop it.

If you search for "online earning, online earning projects, on-hook projects" and so on on Taobao, you will find that such on-hook projects below 10 yuan or even more than 100 are dazzling, making people overwhelmed. Moreover, all of them are described in the guarantee of how much they will earn each day, which has attracted countless people rushing to buy them first. The sales volume of hundreds or thousands of pieces makes the sellers happy from ear to ear. How they sell is actually very simple. The first is to review sales, first recruit a single product and get some profitable comments. In Taobao, keyword ranking is related to sales. The more sales you have, the higher the ranking. And each of us has a habit of thinking that the more items that are sold, the more real they are. The second is sales skills. We have seen a lot of sales of babies whose evaluations are almost 100% positive, and even follow-up reviews are also positive, and how much they have earned. In fact, this is the seller’s usual method, that is, first praise and review before giving the decompression password, do you say that the comments are all true? And letting you add comments will block you from giving them fatal comments if you can’t make money in the future . So we often see that some review time is 0 days.

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